Enterprise Products – Propane Dehydration Tank & Pipe Jacketing

Building Owner:Enterprise Products, Inc.
City / State:Watkins Glen, NY
General Contractor:Northeast Pipeline Services
Project Info:Insulation Jacketing on Tanks and Piping
Project Size:2,000 ft²

The CFE, Inc. team began by erecting an elaborate scaffold structure around all four dehydration tanks and allowed for easy access to the work areas. Reinforced poly was then installed over the scaffolding to create an enclosure to protect the tanks from the upstate New York winter. The team then began removing the existing aluminum insulation jacketing and fiberglass insulation which had been leaking badly for many years. The steel dehydration tanks were then sandblasted and painted with high temperature epoxy paint by Northeast Pipeline Services. CFE, Inc. installed calcium silicate insulation and T-304 stainless steel insulation jacketing over the pipes and fittings. After completing the work on the piping, we tackled the 4 dehydration tanks. High temperature fiberglass insulation was loose laid over the tanks which were then followed by the T-304 stainless steel insulation jacketing attached to custom fabricated stainless steel support rings. This task was extremely challenging as each tank had as many as 18 penetrations which had to be carefully laid out and cut in order for the stainless steel jacketing to fit properly. The roofs on each of the tanks were custom fabricated stainless steel batten seam roof systems.

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