Alcoa Cast House

Building Owner:Alcoa Mill Products
City / State:Lancaster, PA
Project Info:Remove old roof system, replace metal decking as needed and re-roof with a two-ply modified bitumen.
Project Size:6,100 ft²
Roof System:Derbigum Two Ply Modified Bitumen

Remove and dispose of the existing PVC roofing, gravel surfaced built up roofing, and insulation down to the existing metal deck. Remove and replace deteriorated metal decking Loose lay one layer of 3-1/2" polyisocyanurate board insulation over the entire roof area. Mechanically fasten 1/4” Dens Deck Prime cover board over the entire roof area. Install a 2 ply modified bitumen roof system in cold adhesive over the new gypsum cover board. Flash all curbs, walls and roof penetrations in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Build a wooden divider curb to separate new roof system from the existing adjacent PVC roofing system. Install walkway pads in owner directed locations. Custom fabricate and install new 24 gauge pre-finished galvanized edge metal, conductor heads, and downspouts. Provide a manufacturer’s 20 year total system warranty.

There was a 30 foot by 60 foot section of the roof area where there was a massive amount of structural steel that was 3inches to 12 inches above the finished roof surface. The crew members had to crawl around on their hands and knees to tear off the two existing roof systems, Roof deck that was deteriorated, install new roof deck and then the new Derbigum modified bitumen roof system. Team had to coordinate the roofing work with the Alcoa supervisor so that we would not disrupt the operations inside the plant and the train that would pull a long side and into the building where our staging area was located.

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