Sustainability is the capacity to endure through renewal, maintenance, and sustenance, or nourishment, in contrast to durability, the capacity to endure through unchanging resistance to change. 

Evans Roofing Company and our subsidiaries strive to continuously improve our operations and processes. A critical objective of our efforts includes incorporating environmentally sustainable alternatives. We will strive to make changes that will benefit the global community and work with our customers to help create awareness in our industry about operational changes that can:

  • Minimize the impact of our construction operations on the environment.
  • Minimize the consumption of natural resources and the generation of waste products.
  • Generate creative ideas that will improve the efficiency of our operations and the environmental value of our completed projects.

Evans Roofing Company and our subsidiaries make a conscious effort to use new products with recycled content, reducing raw material consumption by our manufacturers. In addition, using our “Three R’s” program to recycle, repurpose and reuse when available will reduce waste sent to landfills. 

Together we are committed to working with our suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders to reduce our environmental footprint.  Investing in our people, our planet, and progress for a more sustainable future has never been stronger at Evans Roofing Company as our businesses strive to protect the environment today and tomorrow.