Assured Information Security

Building Owner:Assured Information Security
City / State:Rome, NY
General Contractor:Charles A. Gaetano Construction Corp.
Project Info:Clad exterior of building with insulated wall panels and cover support columns with metal wraps.
Project Size:8000 ft²
Project Time Frame:3/14/11 to 8/12/11
Wall System:CENTRIA 2” Formawall Dimension Series Panels

Install 238 EA 2”x4” secondary steel vertical through tubes to the main building structural steel using both field welded and bolted connections. Install 7000 SF of Centria Formawall Dimension Series Flat Panels in a horizontal application; and 320 SF of Centria Formawall Dimension Series Graphix Panels also in a horizontal application. Install 35 EA 1/8” thick Aluminum column covers and 20 EA 1/8” thick Aluminum beam wraps. BR Johnson, Inc. was retained as a subcontractor who installed the Centria Formavue FV-300 Window System which included over 350 EA individual panes of glass around the building.

This was a project full of many first time installations for CFE, Inc. The first being installing secondary steel supports. Most of the crew had never welded before the beginning of the job. BR Johnson, Inc. installed window frames, glass, and glazing which were integrated into the panel erection sequence. This made the layout and alignment of the secondary steel supports very crucial to meet the strict plus or minus 1/16” tolerances of the window system. Column covers and beam wraps were just another first time installation for CFE, Inc. The crew also had to deal with the harsh weather conditions in Rome, NY which included winter snow, spring rainfall, and summer heat. In the end, the crew took on every challenge with a positive attitude, and met each and every one with great success.

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