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Building Owner:BD Rx
City / State:Wilson, NC
Project Info:Installation of 8’ x 8’ insulation sumps at roof drains and repaired crushed poliyso insulation under walkway pads by removing 2” polyiso insulation and installing new 1 ½” polyiso insulation, new mechanically fastened ½” dens deck and new mechanically fastened .060” Carlisle TPO membrane.
Roof System:Carlisle Syntec

Asked to repair two (2) major deficiencies on the roof. First, the customer was having major water drainage problems because the roof drains we installed 2 feet above the valley line of the sloped metal deck. We were able to improve flow by increasing the size for the roof drain sumps from 4’x4’ to 8’x8’.
Second, there was significant crushing of roof insulation under a walkway pad path. This deficiency was not only effecting the R-value of the insulation but it was also creating a tenting fasteners which was leading to holes in the membrane from the underside. We were able to remedy this condition by replacing the 2” polyiso insulation with 1 ½” polyiso , ½” dens deck and new membrane (we reused the walkway pad). This solution created a more suitable substrate for foot traffic and minimized the deterioration of membrane.

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