Quadrant Engineered Plastics – Manufacturing Building

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Building Owner:Quadrant Engineered Plastics
City / State:Wytheville, VA
Project Info:Tear off existing single ply and BUR roof systems to deck. New ISO, Densdeck coverboard and V2T roof system
Project Size:82000 ft²
Roof System:V2T

The owners’ desire to eliminate deck fasteners lead to the selection of the V²T roofing system. V²T uses the power of the wind to hold the roof securely in place. The technology behind the vent is based on a recognized physics principal to create a vacuum that becomes stronger as the speed of wind increases. The vacuum pulls the air from under the membrane - drawing it down to the deck and holding the membrane firmly in place. Destructive uplift pressures are counteracted by a greater vacuum force created by the vent. http://www.v2troofsystem.com/

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