R&D Bldg.

Building Owner:Cargill
City / State:Schuyler, NE
Project Info:Replace existing badly rusted and deteriorated metal roof system with new 36” wide 24 ga. Mighty Rib PBR Roof panels fastened directly to 5 ft. on center purlins spaced at 12 in. on center using #12 fasteners and neoprene washers. Each seam fastened at 18 in. on center with #14 fasteners and EPDM washers. New roof system achieved a Factory Mutual 1-150 wind uplift rating, a class 1/A fire rating and a severe hail (SH) rating.
Project Size:3,403 ft²
Roof System:Fabral

Due to the existing roof being badly rusted and deteriorated, it exposed us to fall hazards over open framing. So new type B metal deck was placed over the existing metal roof panels to serve as a walking surface while removing the old roof panels. Each associate was also tied off full time with a fall arrest system consisting of full body harnesses tied to Preferred Safety 360 swivel anchors attached to the existing purlins.
Loading the 45’ long metal roof panels was a challenge and was accomplished using a 110 ton crane with a spreader bar.
Two large gas lines on the roof presented another challenge. The lines were heavy and rested on supports that were directly on the existing metal panels. The concern was to lift the lines enough without breaking the welds. We accomplished this by devising a system capable of lifting the lines up a few inches in two separate segments in order to remove and replace the existing panels beneath. The metal panels were installed in two segments beneath the lines in lieu of continuous panels in order to lower the gas lines back down onto supports without causing damage to the lines.
All panels were removed and replaced over open framing and maintained water tightness on a daily basis so operations could continue inside.

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